Our Approach

Devoted to the teaching and perpetuation of Jeet Kune Do & Filipino Martial Arts for reality based training and self-defense.

The Combative Concept Approach

We offer training for friendly competition in Combat Sports such as MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, Grappling and Jiu Jitsu. Martial arts is our vehicle for promoting good health, fitness, self-defense, sport and personal well being.

“As an instructor, to be able to see my students develop as fighters over time is extremely rewarding”.

Our training satisfies all of the appeals that martial arts has to offer. Whether you are looking to get fit or develop the attributes to effectively defend yourself or you need the training for military, law enforcement or security, we are here to help!

We have students from all walks of life: some interested in combat sports and want to test their skills in competition while others simply enjoy training to develop their mind, body and spirit as martial artists. No matter what you wish to gain from training in the martial arts, Combative Concepts’ world class training will get you there! Our goal is simple: giving you results regardless of who you are.

All training is custom tailored to the student so that they are constantly challenged. We strive to give you a balance of combat efficiency and conditioning in all our classes. Our unique coaching promotes self-discovery, self-discipline and the self-confidence.

We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes for every student regardless of gender, skill level or martial art background. Private/group private instruction and seminars are available by appointment. We also offer Tactical Military, Law Enforcement and Security specific Defensive Combative Training.

If desired, individuals can compete in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Kickboxing (Muay Thai/K-1), Grappling and Jiu-jitsu, Amateur/Pro Boxing and Full Contact Weapons competitions. We are a certified Canadian Amateur Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA Gym. Combative Concepts is honored to be affiliated with the Canadian Jeet Kune Do family, Jeet Kune Do Fighting Arts, Progressive Fighting Systems, Kabayama Bushidokan, C.A.S.K. (Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing), Boxing Ontario, W-1 Mixed Martial Arts promotions and the Canadian Savate Federation.



Our coaching program is for everyone.

“I consider Steve as World Class Martial Artist and Instructor.  He has in depth knowledge on all the disciplines and his ability to effectively apply those to real life combat is what impress me the most. The drills and training allow me to discover the path of JDK – a never ending journey of self discovery in combative art. I consider myself as extremely fortunate to have the opportunities to learn and train with Steve!”

Ken Chan

Member at Combative Concepts and Tae Kwon Do practitioner.

“The best way to describe my experience with combative concepts and JKD taught by Steve, is life altering.  Combative concepts is my second home.  We are a family of like minded individuals that have a passion for martial arts; who incorporate JKD into their daily lives, striving for excellence in all that they do.  Steve is an absolutely amazing martial artist and instructor, to which he is too modest to admit.  Combative concepts is a gym that gets you results, this applies to beginners with little to no experience and seasoned martial artists. I am honored and humbled to be a member of such a great team!”

David Bernier

Security Professional & long time member at Combative Concepts A.M.A.

“Training with Steve put me on a path which has made martial arts a part of my life. I’ve cross trained at various gyms over the years and without a doubt I would recommend Combative Concepts to both beginners and advanced martial artists.”

Sev Derghazarian

IT Professional

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