Combative Concepts Academy Of Martial Arts M.M.A training in Toronto / Scarborough is quickly becoming known as a program with proven results in developing all rounded combative athletes!  Mixed Martial Arts has grown to a legitimate sport and has gained international popularity! Combative M.M.A. classes are for those looking to develop themselves physically using a Mixed Martial Art approach. Whether you’re the M.M.A. enthusiast or competitor, this class is offered at recreational, amateur and pro levels !




The core of the curriculum is designed to develop physical/mental based attributes and a all rounded athlete capable of fighting in all ranges of the sport.  The different martial arts training methods and techniques are utilized from the following disciplines:

Jeet Kune Do Concepts for sport, Muay Thai, Brazilian/Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Shooto, Boxing, Judo, Greco/Freestyle/Catch Wrestling, Sambo, Tae Kwon Do and Kali.

To be an effective M.M.A athlete you need to keep your body in good health and have well balanced diet to satisfy the high levels of training. Superior cardio and conditioning is a must!!! You need to know how and when to transition from one range to another. An effective means of developing skills and attributes in kickboxing, clinch, throws/takedowns, submission and grappling is necessary to understand the game. Putting it all together to develop an M.M.A. fighter capable of competing at today’s level of competition is what this curriculum does best! Combative Concepts Academy of Martial Arts effectively sets these standards in our COMBATIVE M.M.A. class!!!