“The best way to describe my experience with combative concepts and JKD taught by Steve, is life altering.  Combative concepts is my second home.  We are a family of like minded individuals that have a passion for martial arts; who incorporate JKD into their daily lives, striving for excellence in all that they do.  Steve is an absolutely amazing martial artist and instructor, to which he is too modest to admit.  Combative concepts is a gym that gets you results, this applies to beginners with little to no experience and seasoned martial artists. I am honored and humbled to be a member of such a great team!”

David Bernier

Security Professional & long time member at Combative Concepts A.M.A.

”I was first introduced to Steve when I started training Jeet Kune Do with Pete Chassikos.  Steve had  a passion for training and teaching his way of the Arts.  Now, training at the Combative Concepts Academy of Martial Arts offers a great workout, friendly environment, new knowledge, up to date training equipment, and above all a club that looks out for your best interest.  I have trained at many different clubs through my martial arts  journey and I will continue to train at this club. I look forward to trading punches and working together to become greater fighters in the near future.    Peace…..”

Norman Wan

JKD Instructor and long time practitioner in the martial arts.

“Steve is one of the most influential and honest martial artist around Canada. He is a true artist that passes on and shares the teachings of Jeet Kune Do, and making it better! Furthermore, he has an immense amount of knowledge, and what impresses me most is that he continues to grow as a martial artist and a coach by seeking more knowledge and learning from others. That to me is what makes him a great teacher, coach, and martial artist. Steve has helped me ‘find the cause of my ignorance’. He has given me the tools and insight to find the answers from within. He is very informative and technical, and helps every student in his class by recognizing their weaknesses and strengths. With that said, he will make your weakness into strengths and strengthen your strengths through his philosophy, teachings, and application. I am truly blessed to be working an instructor that is a true martial artist. Words cannot express how much passion he has for the martial arts and its philosophy, but what I can say is that has helped me, like how has he helped others, to become a better human being. If you are looking to learn, and grow as a person mentally, physically and spiritually, then Combative Concepts is the place to be!”


Member at Combative Concepts and Tae Kwon Do Instructor

“Combative Concepts offers the full martial arts experience. Workouts are demanding, fun and always fresh. Head instructor Steve Ferriera is an encyclopedia of martial arts knowledge, and is skilled at developing technical skills into functional skills that work in real world situations. I can’t get enough of the Combative Concepts experience!”

Adam DeFlece

Long time member at Combative Concepts – General Contractor

“As a beginner in Martial Arts training, I was nervous about joining the gym because I had no previous martial arts experience.  The coach made me feel welcome and confident. The coach is both patient and knowledgeable and acquire  and tremendous amount of experience and skills in the art of Boxing, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts and Weapons. I have been a member of the gym for about 4 months now and I have never felt more confident! Combative Concepts is an excellent academy for not only beginners, but for experienced martial artists as well. It offers a variety of skills and classes for all ages. I love the classes and would recommend it for anyone who wants to enhance their overall well-being and quality of life!!

Thank you Steve for everything you have taught me and I look forward to continuing my training with you and the members of Combative Concepts!!”

Julie Edwards

Member of Combative Concepts and Registered Practical Nurse.

“I consider Steve as World Class Martial Artist and Instructor.  He has in depth knowledge on all the disciplines and his ability to effectively apply those to real life combat is what impress me the most. The drills and training allow me to discover the path of JDK – a never ending journey of self discovery in combative art. I consider myself as extremely fortunate to have the opportunities to learn and train with Steve!”

Ken Chan

Member at Combative Concepts and Tae Kwon Do practitioner.

“Training with Steve put me on a path which has made martial arts a part of my life. I’ve cross trained at various gyms over the years and without a doubt I would recommend Combative Concepts to both beginners and advanced martial artists.”

Sev Derghazarian

IT Professional

”Steve is a world-class martial arts teacher. I have been lucky enough to have him as my instructor for the past two years and can’t say enough good things about him. Steve focuses on the whole package of martial arts and the art of hand-to-hand combat. He brings balance to his teaching which results in balance of knowledge gained by the students. He has a true understanding of martial arts and brings out that knowledge in his teachings every class. Steve makes things relative. He explains why it is a good idea to do what he is teaching and explains how other martial arts influence his teachings and that of Jeet Kune Do. Steve chooses what the focus of the class will be based on the skill set present and what is needed to be learned. I like this because it says he teaches the students of his class and puts the needs and interests of his students first. The gym is always clean and the equipment is ready to go. It’s clear Steve is passionate about martial arts and teaching Jeet Kune Do. I feel very lucky to have Steve as my martial arts instructor and I strongly recommend him to martial artists of all disciplines and levels.”

Jason Redy

Security Professional & long time member at Combative Concepts A.M.A.

“I will put my student permit on the line if Steve is literally not 1 of the best trainers you’ll ever work with. His techniques literally had me wanting to be attacked by random people so Id get to show off my new learned self defence skills after just 3 months!  LOL…. Your not just a cash number at Combative Concepts but actually part of a helping and friendly family per say… Its totally worth every dime!!”

Julius Wamala

Member at Combative Concepts

“There are many things that keep me coming back to CCAMA.  First its Steve, his detailed and personal teaching style and willingness to breakdown the lesson makes for an easy and fun learning environment.  The philosophy is also appealing to me; ‘take what is useful, discard what is not, and make it your own’, is a lesson i apply to my life everyday.  What gets me looking forward to the next class is my training partners.  Steve fosters an environment of respect and cooperation, a place where we look out for each other and want each other to get better.   This is appealing and makes it a fun place to be.”

Nino Angue

Member at Combative Concepts.

“Steve Ferreira, runs a top notch facility. His grasp and presentation is world class.? The vibe at Combative Concepts is – Get the work done, Don’t forget to have fun!”

Ken James

Martial Artist