Occupational Services

(Personal Protection Course)

Our Law Enforcement / Security Personal Protection Course (P.P.C.) consists of 8 hrs worth of situational & reality based training methods which can be life saving when your well being and those around you are at stake.  People in these industries are constantly putting themselves at risk due to the nature of the occupation.  Our P.P.C. training will equip you with the awareness and skills needed to handle yourself when your life depends on it.

What is covered?

1.Reading body language and proper preliminary precautions that should be used before and while engaging with individuals under suspicion.

2. De escalation tactics.

3. Use of force tactics and adapting for how much to use. Restraining tactics, close quarter manipulation and grappling techniques.

4. Empty hand combat broken down into two areas: Essential Stand up & Ground striking skill and Essential Stand up & Ground grappling skills.

5. Extendable baton training. Striking and grappling with the baton.

6. Defending against weapons: Edged, impact and improvised weapons.

7. Environmental & adaptation awareness exercises.

This course is 8 hrs long and done on a one to one basis or small groups. Different rates apply based on group numbers and geography of course. Course can be done all in one day or split up into 4 sessions.

This course needs to be purchased and booked in advance at least two weeks prior to determined start date.

Contact us directly for pricing and booking options.

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