Combative Women's Class

Build your body and self confidence to beat down the bad guy!

Combative Women’s Class

Looking for a exciting women’s martial arts class in Scarborough / Toronto that helps you get in shape and gives you effective self defence skills?  Our COMBATIVE WOMEN’S class uses J.K.D.  and  M.M.A. training methods to build your body and self confidence to beat down the bad guy!

Learn Kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, submissions, throws, grappling and weapons skills all in one class.  Most classes and programs out there focus only on cardio and physical conditioning.  This class not only gets you in top physical condition but develops other attributes and techniques needed for street self defense.  Learn to fight off an attacker in all types of scenarios, environments, with or without weapons!


“Absorb what’s useful, reject what’s useless, and add specifically what is your own.”

– Bruce Lee

  • Fun & friendly all women class offering a great workout!
  • Learn essential self-defense skills from a variety of martial arts with and without weapons.
  • Great way to build the confidence needed to protect your self!
  • Small groups offering direct interaction with the instructor!
  • Interactive training scenarios allowing for testing of skills!

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1211 Kennedy Rd. 2nd Floor, Scarborough, ON. M1P 2L2
(647) 868-9104