Combative Weapons Academy

All about practical weapons training. A great class for any serious martial artist!

Weapons Class

This class is all about practical weapons training and defence! Almost 90% of all street assaults involve some type weapon. Having said that, it’s quite clear why weapons training needs to be addressed by any serious martial artist.


The core of the curriculum is based on training methods from the Filipino martial arts of Kali, Escrima and Arnis and our training lineage is traced to the Inosanto blend methods.  The Filipino martial arts offers training with impact weapons like a single or double stick and palm stick (Kubotan), various swords and daggers, machetes, karambit, bo staffs of various lengths, spear and the tabak-toyok (nunchuks).

Reality based training methods from other weapons based arts such as Krabi Krabong, kendo, Karate, wushu and fencing are integrated as well. You will also learn close range tactical gun defence and scenario training with guns and edged weapons. Mass attack defense against multiple assailants with different weapons and improvised weapons training is also part of the curriculum. This is the most effective and complete weapons based training and defense available today!!


“Absorb what’s useful, reject what’s useless, and add specifically what is your own.”

– Bruce Lee

  • Foundation of Curriculum rooted in the Filipino Martial Arts.
  • Reality based training methods utilizing modern day weapons both conventional and improvised.
  • Real time results for self-defense or occupational needs.
  • Excellent development of timing, reflex, co ordination, speed and sensitivity.
  • Curriculum is taught to military and law enforcement agencies around the world!
  • Ranking system in place for potential instructorship.

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