Kids Martial Arts Class

Focusing on all of the positive characteristics that martial arts offer.

Kids Martial Arts Class

It’s based on developing your child’s physical attributes and abilities such as flexibility, agility, speed, endurance, balance, strength and coordination using a fun and playful mixed martial art approach!

The class allows your child to socialize and interact with other kids in a safe, positive and disciplined environment by Canadian licensed coaches. It promotes respect, martial art manners, character development, self esteem and self confidence empowering your child to succeed in very aspect of their lives! We teach your child to always walk away from conflict and to always offer a hand in friendship! Avoidance is the best defense! Rest assured that your child will be backed by a sound self defense etiquette that having to fight is always the last resort. They will however possess an ability to defend themselves and be bully proof if need be!


“Absorb what’s useful, reject what’s useless, and add specifically what is your own.”

– Bruce Lee

  • Promoting multicultural martial arts training! In our kids program, kids learn to appreciate different cultures by training in a variety of martial arts from a round the world all in one class!
  • Modern day scientific approaches in developing our young athletes!
  • Classes taught in a fun, safe environment by certified professionals!
  • Positive character development in the values of respect, self discipline, self-confidence while improving self-esteem
  • Bully-proof your kids with the most effective and practical self- defense training available in the martial arts!

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